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About Us

At DC Sports School we are passionate about sports and we believe that playing sports in a positive environment is key to developing young players, as well as helping them to develop key skills for general life. We are also determined to inspire our young players to share our sporting passion! 

Here at DC Sports School we specialise in Football coaching, our qualified coaches are experienced in managing football teams and delivering coaching sessions at a wide variety of well established football clubs in the local area, including Sutton United & Carshalton Athletic. We provide weekly football sessions where children of varying ages and abilities come to develop as players, while enjoying fun and engaging activities. The players set themselves development goals, which our coaches track weekly, and each player receives a development report at the end of each term.

However, at DC Sports School, we also acknowledge the importance of alternative sports. Which is why we also offer multi-sport camps in school holidays, where children can enjoy a wide variety of sporting activities, including Rugby, Cricket, Softball, Athletics & more! We encourage all of our players to get involved in various different sporting activities during the school holidays, as we see this as a great way of getting enjoyment through sport, while learning some new and transferrable skills. 

All of our coaching sessions provide an extremely positive learning environment for all of our players, and we welcome children of varying ages and abilities. Whether you are looking for additional training to improve your technical skills outside of your sports clubs, or simply just want to stay active while having fun and making new friends in the process. To find out more information about what we do, our coaching schedules, and any other information you may want to know about our services, please continue onto the specific areas of the site you are interested in, or contact us directly.

Meet The Team


Dillon - Head Coach

Experienced Football Coach:

Dillon is an experienced, FA qualified football coach who has worked with multiple well established clubs in the local area, including his current club, Sutton United. He has years of industry experience, in which he has acted as a Team Manager/Coach & Head of Youth Development. Dillon has been responsible for delivering technical sessions, managing the development of players, and producing reports on player growth.

Multi-Sport Coach:

As well as football, Dillon is also a qualified rugby coach, certified by the RFU. Therefore he is equally as passionate about running our multi-sport camps during school holidays. He believes that practicing multiple sports is a great way for young children to develop a wide skillset, which are transferrable between all sporting activities.

Dayna - Assistant Coach

Football Coach & Player:

Dayna is a young football coach who has experience in delivering sessions and tracking player development at local football clubs, including Carshalton Athletic. She is also a talented football player herself, with experience playing at well established clubs such as Sutton United & AFC Wimbledon. Dayna is passionate about football and is keen to make a successful career in the industry, while inspiring the next generation.

Qualified Referee:

As well as coaching, Dayna is also involved with local football clubs as an FA qualified referee. She has experience in officiating youth matches at almost every age group, and is equally as passionate about developing as a referee, as well as a coach.


Megan - Welfare Officer

Experienced Teacher:

Megan is a qualified teacher who has years of experience at schools in the local area. She is responsible for leading classrooms and overseeing the welfare of students on a daily basis. She also has a great understanding of multi-sport coaching, as she has experience in teaching Physical Education.

Child Safety & Welfare:

As an experienced teacher, Megan is hugely responsible for monitoring the welfare of children. She uses this experience within her main role at DC Sports School, which is to ensure all children are safe, happy, and enjoying their time with us. As this is hugely important to Megan, and all of us at DC Sports School.

About Us: About Us
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